Sunday, October 19, 2014

October 20-24

Dear Families,

We will be going to Lemo's Pumpkin Farm this Tuesday, October 21.  

Conferences: Parent teacher conferences are M-Th this week. Conferences are 15 minutes long. Please make sure to be on-time for your conference so we can stay on schedule.  Please click HERE to check what date/time you signed up for.

Book Order: CLICK HERE to order great books online.  Please place orders by 12:00 Wednesday.  I will be submitting orders on Wednesday afternoon.  In case you forgot, our code is listed on the link.

Kindergarten Yard Reminders: Just a friendly reminder that children need to be supervised by an adult on the kindergarten play yard before and after school.  There is no rough play allowed on the school yard.  Please watch your children and step in when necessary.  Also, children are NOT allowed on the "big kid structure" before 2:40pm.  School is still in session for the older students and there have been a few complaints of kindergartners playing on the "big kid structure" between 12:00pm and 2:40pm.  Also, if your child is eating in the K yard after school, we ask that all food be nut-free, as it is a designated nut-free zone.

HalloweenOur Kindergarten Halloween Parade is at 8:35 in the Courtyard.  Please make sure your child is dressed in costume and on-time.  No play weapons allowed.  We will begin Halloween Crafts in the classroom right after the parade.  We need 5 volunteers to "man" the craft tables.  No artist abilities needed...everything will be set up and ready to go.  After recess we will have a low-key, yet fun party, video, and play time.  To sign up, CLICK HERE.
This Week:
Sharing: Our sharing focus this week is Mm.  Your child should bring in sharing related to this focus.  Each student is assigned a day of the week to share.  Please check the sharing schedule to see your child's day.

Math/Calendar: This week we will continue working with numbers 0-10.  Students are learning to identify the number, and to draw the number of corresponding dots.  They are also practicing writing numbers 0-10 using correct number formation.  We are also learning how to order numbers 0-10 this week.  Students are also practicing counting to 30, counting to 100 by 10's, reciting days of the week, continuing patterns.

Phonics: Focus Letter/Sound: Mm, letter ID & sounds, writing name the school way w/ 1st letter uppercase and all other letters lowercase, reading & writing sight words: a, my, the, I, see, can.  Please work with your child at home on writing his/her name the school way.  

Writing Workshop: This week we will continue drawing pictures to tell a story and labeling our pictures. We are also beginning to sound out words in our writing.  "Say it like a snail, stretch it like a snake, write down the sounds you hear."  As writers, your children should always be thinking about experiences that lend themselves to great stories.  You can reinforce this at home by asking your child on the way to school, what do you think you'll write about today in writing workshop?  Or, if something funny/sad/interesting happens at home, you can say, "This would make a great story to write about in writing workshop!"  

Science: Bats

No Star Student this Week.

Monday: This morning we have Psychomotor.  Please have students bring water bottles & wear comfortable athletic shoes.  All parent paperwork is due by 12:00 today if you are signed up to drive on the field trip.  This includes a copy of your driver's license, a copy of your insurance with liability limits, and a driver form.  If I do not receive your paperwork today, unfortunately you will not be able to drive on the field trip.  Even if you are planning on driving only your own child, you still need to turn in all your paperwork.  Thank you.

Tuesday: Library books due this morning.  We will be going on our field trip to Lemo's Farm today!  Please make sure you are on time for school.  Thank you!  Please bring a sweater, comfortable shoes that can get dirty, and your booster seat.

Wednesday: Please remind your child to put his/her HW folder in the red basket on top of the cubbies & black book bag into the blue tub.

Thursday: Today we have computers! 

Friday: Today is Music Class!  Yay!  **Mrs. Vazquez will be teaching today.